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12 MAY



Are you ready to gain experience on your career journey with

Danone XP

On your journey with Danone XP, you will take part in various projects where you can highlight your talents, benefit from personal development opportunities, and gain a professional perspective on the digitalizing business world.

With the “experience points” you earn at Danone, you will discover Danone & the business world and most importantly yourself!

Who can apply?

Danone XP
  • If you are a 3rd or 4th year undergraduate student,

  • You have an advanced command of written and spoken English,

  • If discovering new things is your passion,

  • If you follow global trends,

we are waiting for your application!

Danone XP


  • Danone XP1

    Online Applications

    20 March - 12 May 2024

  • Danone XP2

    General Aptitude Test

    1-6 May 2024

  • Danone XP3

    Video Interview

    7-13 May 2024

  • Danone XP4

    English Test

    14-20 May 2024

  • Danone XP5

    Danone Pannel Interview

    21 May - 7 June 2024

  • Danone XP6


    June 2024

  • Danone XP7

    Internship Term

    24 June - 30 September 2024

Danone XPDanone XP

What’s in storefor youDanone XP

  • Danone XP

    You can complete your compulsory internship within this program.

  • Danone XP

    You can discover Danone culture.

  • Danone XP

    You can discover yourself with various trainings and networking activities.

  • Danone XP

    You can discover the business world with mini project you will do within the scope of the internship program.


  • 1- Which departments can I do my internship in?

    You can choose your preferences among the departments you will see on the form during your application, and if the evaluations are positive, you can do an internship in the department you have chosen.

  • 2- In which province will I work if I am accepted for internship?

    If you are our industrial intern, you will work in one of our 6 factories located in Adana, Aydın, Bursa, Kırklareli, Sakarya or in the head office in Istanbul if you are in one of the remaining departments.

  • 3- Which selection and evaluation processes will I be involved in after applying to the program?

    You can access the full program calendar on the Process page.

  • 4- Can all university students in Turkey participate in the Danone XP Internship program?

    Our internship program is open to all universities.

  • 5- How long will the Danone XP Internship program last?

    After the 3-month full-time summer internship, it is possible to continue as a part-timer depending on the success of the project presentation and performance. So, in total, 3 months full-time and 9 months part-time; a 12-month internship opportunity awaits you!

  • 6- Is Danone XP Internship Program within the scope of compulsory internship?

    Yes, if your school/department approves it, you can complete your compulsory internship with Danone XP.

Danone XP
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Danone XP


Danone XP

These words reflect our vision that the health of people and the health of the planet are interconnected.
We have four promises that help every Danoner carry out our vision in their own unique way.


    We want to empower employees to make a difference. They drive our movement to make the world healthier and are steering us to a sustainable future.


    Entrepreneurship is valued and innovation celebrated. Danoners seize opportunities to step out of the everyday and engage with the community and industry.

  • Danone XP

    This is a collaborative and social workplace with a focus on wellbeing. We place importance on networks and relationships, not structure and process.


    At Danone everyone is encouraged to learn and grow. You can develop your skills, travel the world and explore new areas of the business.


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